Campaign of materials study Monte Testaccio summer 2015 29/09/2015


As every year since 1989, takes place the Campaign of materials study Monte Testaccio, this year from August 30 to September 11, 2015.
The team of specialists in epigraphy led by Dr. Jose Remesal Rodriguez and composed by Dr. Antonio Aguilera Martin, Dr. Victor Revilla Calvo, Dr. Daniel Martin-Arroyo Sáchez, Dr. Juan Manuel Bermudez Lorenzo, Mr. Juan Moros Diaz and Mr. Jordi Pérez González, has moved to Rome – Italy for the study and analysis of the materials found in the Monte Testaccio. These actions allow additional information obtained during previous excavations, due to the complexity and abundance of found material.

Every year take place an excavation campaign and later a campaign of materials study. During the excavation campaign our team has time to draw anaphoric forms, take pictures and make an inventory of all found material to facilitate the chronological accessibility of epigraphic materials for further study. All materials are deposited in the warehouse located in Rome.
The direction of the “Scientific Project and Excavations MonteTestaccio” (Rome, Italy) is awarded to Dr. Jose Maria Blázquez Martinez and Dr. Jose Remesal Rodriguez in 1989. Becoming one of the most important international projects of the University of Barcelona, ​​with the support and funding from the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Spain, and under the patronage of the Royal Academy of History.