12th Memorial Josep Barberà i Farràs Archaeology Prize instituted 07/11/12 - Event date 26/11/2015


EPNet Associated Researcher Antoni Martín i Oliveras awarded with the 12th Memorial Josep Barberà i Farràs Archaeology Prize instituted by the Catalonian Archaeological Society-SCA. The award delivery and the presentation of the prizewinner book entitled: “Archaeology of Roman Wine. From the Cultivation to the Consumption. Theoretical and Epistemological Framework”, will be held next Thursday, November 26th 2015 at 19:00 p.m., at the Archaeology Museum of Catalonia MAC-Barcelona, Passeig de Santa Madrona, 39-41, 08038 Barcelona.


The wine nectar of the gods and man’s privilege, along with bread and oil is one of three sacred products of the so-called triad of Mediterranean agriculture (wheat, grapes and olives), of which we have knowledge of their cultivation, elaboration process and consumption in the Middle East since 9,000 years ago.

Not until Roman times that in the Iberian Peninsula, and specifically in the territory of present Catalonia the vines were intensively cultivated in order to achieve a sufficient production to generate surpluses that allow wine sales in overseas markets mainly between 1st BC and 3th AD centuries.

Using a rigorous language but also affordable, this book tries to delve into the origin and evolution of this economic phenomenon and the keys that from a theoretical and epistemological point of view allow us to identify the different agents and endogenous and exogenous factors involved in their development which are fundamental to understand the production, distribution and consumption of wine in Roman times.