CEIPAC and University of Alicante present The Instrumenta Collection Vol. 52 Comercio anfórico y relaciones mercantiles en Hispania Ulterior (s. II a.C. - II d.C.) Daniel Mateo Corredor 15/12/2016

The Publications Service of the University of Alicante presents the Vol. 52 of Instrumenta Collection on 21 December at 20:15 hours in the City of Alicante.
“Amphoric commerce and mercantile relations in Ulterior Hispania” (s. II a.C. – II d.C.) (Comercio anfórico y relaciones mercantiles en Hispania Ulterior)
By Daniel Mateo Corredor
08499  The present volume, centered on the Later Hispania of the imperialist epoch, completes a specific line centered on the statistical analysis of large anphoric sets and the relative comparison of them all.
The Instrumenta Collection has been created to spread publications referring to the economic and social life of the Roman world. We have collected so far all works from the CEIPAC group. Most of them deal with amphora epigraphy as basis to study food production and trade. All of them have been carried out as part of the project Timbres Amphoriques of the Union Académique Internationale, sponsored by the Real Academia de la Historia of Madrid.

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