EPNet Project will present a session at 27th annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference J Remesal, V Revilla, A Martín, and D Martín-Arroyo 6/3/2017

TRAC 2017 The 27th Theoretical Roman Archaeology ConferenceDurham University, Durham, UK Tuesday 28 to Friday 31 March

CEIPAC – EPNet Session is titled: “The production and distribution of food in the Roman Empire: modelling political, economic and social dynamics”
Organised by José Remesal Rodríguez (CEIPAC-UB), Víctor Revilla Calvo (CEIPAC-UB), Antoni Martín i Oliveras (CEIPAC-UB), and Daniel J. Martín-Arroyo Sánchez (CEIPAC-UB). Read more…

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trac durham

TRAC Durham, organized and hosted by the Department of Archaeology and the Department of Classics and Ancient History, will be a multidisciplinary symposium of theoretical innovation in Roman scholarship. Located to the south of Hadrian’s Wall in Durham City, conference goers will be surrounded by a nuanced and lively Roman landscape, which this conference aims to engage with and celebrate—2017 marks the 30-year anniversary of Hadrian’s Wall as a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read more…