New EPNet team publication at book “Insularity, Identity and Epigraphy in the Roman World” edited by Javier Velaza UB - Cambridge Scholars Publishing 6/3/2017

“The wine trade of Roman Crete: construction of onomastic and geographical networks”

By EPNet Project team researchers D. Martín-Arroyo (CEIPAC), L. Prignano (ClabB), I. Morer (ClabB), G. Rull (CEIPAC), M. García-Sánchez (ClabB), A. Díaz-Guilera(ClabB), J. Remesal (P.I.) (CEIPAC).

0440850_insularity-identity-and-epigraphy-in-the-roman-world_300This book explores the subject of islands, their essence and identity, their isolation and their relationships in the Ancient world. It investigates Greek and Roman concepts of insularity, and their practical consequences for the political, economic and social life of the Empire. The contributions examine whether being related to an island was an externally or internally distinctive feature, and whether a tension between insularity and globalisation can be detected in this period. The book also looks at whether there is an insular material culture, an island-based approach to sacredness, or an island-based category of epigraphy.

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