EPNet Project Journal Club – Tom Brughmans visits us! "How to validate the models" 8/3/2017

Tom Brughmans

Date. Thursday 9 March 2017
Hour. 4 to 6 pm

The Journal Club is a training activity developed by the doctoral students of the BSC and ClabB in which all the EPNet Project Team SIRIS and CEIPAC include participate.

It is an activity that only the members of our team and the special guests to discuss issues related to EPNet attend.

The main objective is to exchange ideas, readings, winnings, skills … in a totally informal way. Only among students. We present books or articles that interest us and we discuss them, we present our research projects to get the opinion of the other members of the team.

In our next Journal Club will be studied 3 articles:
Shawn Graham: “The Equifinality of Archaeological Networks: an Agent-Based Exploratory Lab Approach”
Robert L. Axtell: “Population growth and collapse in a multiagent model of the Kayenta Anasazi in Long House Valley”
Tom Brughmans: “Roman bazaar or market economy? Explaining tableware distributions through computational modeling”.

The last article has already been discussed in an EPNET Journal Club before. But if you have any doubts we have good news: at this time, we can ask and speak directly with the author, because Tom Brughmans will be with us.