Revision campaign of the materials Monte Tesaccio 2017 10/9/2017

Revision campaign of the materials of the excavation of the years 2001-2004 in Monte Tesaccio. José Remesal, Víctor Revilla, Juan Manuel Bermúdez, Juan Moros Díaz, Bernabé Rodríguez and Jordi Pérez, members of the research team of the CEIPAC of the University of Barcelona, have been displaced to Rome from 3/9/2017 to 15/9/2017.

The Testaccio is an artificial mountain, situated between the river Tiber and Mount Aventino, in Rome. It measures approximately one kilometer in circumference and has a height of about 50 meters. It is a landfill from the Roman Imperial period formed by the accumulation of the remains of millions of amphorae that, containing oil, reached more than 80% of Andalusia. The rest are oil amphorae from North Africa and to a lesser extent from the eastern part of the Empire. Testaccio was always part of Roman life, its traditions and festivals, but it was not until the end of the 19th century that its scientific importance was known, thanks to the works of Father L. Bruzza and H. Dressel.

Photo. Jordi Pérez