The Instrumenta Collection (CEIPAC-University of Barcelona) among the 29 collections that obtain the seal of quality in Academic Publishing Accrediting its scientific and editorial quality. 12/9/2017

Twenty-nine collections published by Spanish university and scientific publishers, both public and private, have obtained the seal of quality in Academic Publishing -Academic Publishing Quality (CEA-APQ) in its first edition, a distinction that in practice implies recognition of its scientific and editorial quality as it has surpassed the requirements of information quality, editorial policy, editorial processes, reputation and prestige that it demands. Read more…

The Instrumenta Collection has been created to provide a channel for publications on the economic and social life of the Roman world. Until now, it has mainly collected work from the CEIPAC group, most of them dedicated to the study of amphoric epigraphy, as a basis for the study of food production and trade. Works carried out within the project Amphoriques Stamps of the Union Académique International, and under the patronage of the Real Academia de la Historia de Madrid.  Instrumenta Colleccion >

The collection is intended to become a reference series for amphoric epigraphy studies, and we invite all colleagues to participate in it if they wish to publish papers on the subject. But the collection does not intend to devote itself solely to this subject and is open, as we have indicated, to studies of social and economic history of the classical world.