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Roman Open Data

A Data Visualization & Exploratory interface built in the framework of the ERC Advanced Grant Project EPNetCEIPAC, to foster the exploration of one of the richest database for amphorae and epigraphy, promoting the Open Science principles and practices in the context of Digital Humanities.

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The CEIPAC database now contains more than 35,000 records of ephemeral epigraphy of very different origin, which is why a large amount of data and information scattered in many publications of very different countries and languages ​​is collected. This online database allows any historian or archaeologist to have extensive information on the subject and value a rich heritage existing throughout Europe and the Mediterranean.

It also allows any museum curator to identify, date and catalog the materials for which he is responsible, which allows the recovery of the archaeological heritage of European museums.

Our base has a system to learn the techniques and methods of this type of research. What allows any student or junior researcher to start in this type of research. In addition, it has a series of search, cataloging and data interaction resources that facilitate and strengthen new research and serve as a starting point for the establishment of international collaborations.

The study of these materials establishes the bases to know the commercial relations established between the various European peoples in antiquity. It allows studying the evolution of food policy of the Roman Empire and determine the influence of food policy on the evolution of political, economic and social life of the ancient world.

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