“The Roman Empire and the first Globalization” Dr. José Remesal CLASSICAL CULTURE Conference, Caja Canarias Foundation 5/6/2018

Our Principal Investigator Dr. José Remesal, presents today at 8:00 p.m. the conference “The Roman Empire and the first globalization”, within the framework of the CLASSICAL CULTURE Conference, that takes place on June 6, 13 and 20 at the Caja Canarias Foundation.

“The Roman Empire and the first Globalization”
José Remesal Rodríguez

Professor of Ancient History at the University of Barcelona
Presented by: Miguel Ángel Molinero Polo
Professor of Ancient History of the ULL

Rome had extended for much of the European shore of the Mediterranean and for the old possessions of Carthage. César and Pompeyo extended, to a large extent, the space controlled by Rome. Augustus, the creator of the Roman Empire, was forced to organize a large and heterogeneous space. Rome achieved economic union, legal union, the awareness of Roman citizenship and the linguistic unity of such a vast space. Read more…