José Remesal EPNEt PI present at Instrumenta inscripta VIII: Plumbum litteratum. "The writing on lead in Roman times" 3/09/2018

L’escriptura sobre plom a l’època romana/ La escritura sobre plomo en época romana.

From 5th to 7th September, the Sala Pi y Sunyer of the Institute of Catalan Studies will hold the Instrumenta inscribed VIII congress, under the title “Plumbum litteratum. The writing on lead in Roman times “, is dedicated to the instrumentum inscriptum, inscriptions on vessels of current use.

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This aspect of Greek and Latin epigraphy has had a great development in recent years, and allows to penetrate those fields of daily life that does not deal with the great epigraphy on stone and bronze, but, for example, in ceramics, such as vases , amphoras, etc. Read More