PI Dr. José Remesal present at Seminario Internacional "Producción y Comercio en la Lusitania de Augusto" 3/10/2018

MNAR Mérida 4 y 5 de octubre de 2018

Thursday, October 4 – Afternoon session

16:00 -17: 00 h.
Inaugural conference.
Jose Remesal Rodríguez, University of Barcelona. “Production and trade in Hispania: the case of Monte Testaccio”.

The International Seminar “Production and Trade in the Lusitania of Augustus” serves as the culmination of the Research Project led by the Roman Studies Foundation and the National Museum of Roman Art “Augusta Emerita and The Provinces of the Roman Province of Lusitania in the Age of Augustus “(HAR2014-52958-P), project that has provided important results.

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In this way, we want to influence the role of the Augusta Emerita colony in the commercial and exchange networks, both with the rest of the Empire and internally in the Lusitanian province. This will address issues of various kinds, trade routes, local production or import and export of raw materials or processed products. Each subject will be treated by researchers specialized in the Lusitanian area.