José Remesal (UB): “Estem contribuint a revolucionar la idea tradicional de l’antiga Roma” Butlletí RECERCAT 13/11/2018

Interview given by Dr. José Remesal for the electronic Bulletin RECERCAT, distributed this morning. Language Catalan.

José Remesal (UB): “We are contributing to revolutionize the traditional idea of ancient Rome”

In the latest edition of the RECERCAT bulletin, we echoed the conclusions of a study led by Professor of Ancient History at the University of Barcelona, José Remesal, on the importance of the Atlantic route in the food trade flows between the Iberian Peninsula and Northern Europe. A historical research that calls into question the traditional conception that prioritized the route of the Roine as the main means of communication between the Mediterranean world and the northern provinces of classical Rome and which, in addition, has the contribution of scientists coming from. Other areas, such as mathematicians, computer scientists or physicists experts in complex networks. In this interview, Professor Remesal reviews some of the most disruptive elements of his work and reflects on the new research profiles that will require an increasingly multidisciplinary scientific research of the future. Read more…