CEIPAC – EPNet Researcher Juan Moros Díaz Present at Ex Baetica Amphorae II Congress in Sevilla 5/12/2018

Ex Baetica Amphorae II

Baetican preserves, oil and wine in the roman empire. Twenty years later
Internacional Conference · University of Seville · December 17-20 2018
Fourth session
Thursday 20 December 2018
Baetican amphorae as a historical source
9h 45h – 12h- Juan Moros Díaz Universidad de Barcelona.
What was the funcion of the seals?

The International Conference Ex Baetica Amphorae. Baetican oil, preserves and wine in the Roman Empire was held in Sevilla and Écija between 17 and 20 December 1998. This conference attracted the greatest specialists in the production and commercialisation of Roman amphorae, and for four days they debated the amphoric production of Baetica between the 1st century BC and the 4th century AD.

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