EPNet Team

Principal Investigator Director CEIPAC
I am a professor in the Department of Prehistory, Ancient History and Archaeology at the
Managing Director SIRIS Academic
In EPNet I'm supporting the interdisciplinary team communication, task management and scheduling.
Researcher CLABB
Mainly devoted to complex systems, particularly complex networks. Principal investigator of several projects, including local,
Researcher BSC
BSC Barcelona Supercomputing Centre Postgraduate Researcher at the Institute for Complex Systems Simulation and the
Lecturer Professor in Ancient History
Departament of Prehistory, Ancient History and Archaeology. University of Barcelona. Miembro de CEIPAC. I'm responsible
Associate Professor
  CEIPAC I'm Archaeologist and responsible for Instrumentum specially inscriptum on wood, lead, bone, ivory and leather.
Researcher in Ancient History
  Departament of Prehistory, Ancient History and Archaeology. University of Barcelona. Miembro de CEIPAC. I'm
Post-doctoral researcher
Dr. Tom Brughmans Leverhulme Early Career Fellow School of Archaeology, University of Oxford, UK Dr
I work with the Corpus Epigraphic's database.
PhD Student
BSC Modelisation of cultural and economical changes.
PhD Student
Cultural changes of baetican olive oil amphorae from an evolutionary perspective
Associate professor
  Professor Associat Història antiga I’m collaborator for Greek amphorae epigraphy. In addition, my research
Researcher SIRIS
I am part of our data management team (SIRIS Academic), and I will help to
PhD Student
I am interested in Republican Rome and Iberian Archaeology. In my thesis I argue that
Post-doctoral researcher
BSC I'm working with Xavi Rubio and Simon Carrignon (Ph.D. student) on the use of
Associated Researcher
Universitat de Barcelona-UB-CEIPAC-Centro para el Estudio de la Interdependencia Provincial en la Antigüedad Clásica Antoni
PhD. History. Post-doctoral researcher.
  I.P. support in project management and team coordination. Research in epigraphy from wine and
PhD Student
  Engineer Universitat de Barcelona - Complexity Lab Barcelona - CLABB (former PhysComp). Complex networks
ARCHITECT PhD Student in history.
Researcher SIRIS
Researcher (Computer Science, PhD). Member of the SIRIS Lab Research Division of SIRIS Academic. I'm
Technical researcher (PAS University Barcelona)
External collaborator of EPNET project. Collaborated in the technical section of the base CEIPAC ,
Postgraduate Student
  Student and casual researcher CEIPAC I collaborate with CEIPAC in their projects and researches,
Professor Agregat (Associate Professor).
EPNet I am interested in the economy of Roman Maghreb, looking specifically at the Mauretania
Post doctoral researcher
  Physicist CLabB (UB) My research focuses on applying networks science methodology to the study
Associate Professor in Ancient History (Universitat de Barcelona)
My research focuses on the Roman Economy and Society, looking specifically at agricultural systems and
PhD Student
CEIPAC - Archaeologist I collaborate with CEIPAC in their projects and research. My doctoral thesis focuses
I lead the EPNet's computational modeling group. University of Edinburgh After obtaining a combined BSc
Database developer
I am in charge of the technical part of the development of the new EPNet
Social Media Manager
I am responsible for the communication and dissemination of the EPNet project on our website