Manel García Sánchez

Associate professor


Professor Associat Història antiga

I’m collaborator for Greek amphorae epigraphy. In addition, my research focuses on the Epigraphy 3D, the Women in Ancinet World and Achaemenid Persia. I'm developing a Greek amphora stamps Database.

Degree in Philosophy, University of Barcelona (1990); BA in History, University of Barcelona (1996); Doctor in History PhD, University of Barcelona (2006).

Associate professor of Ancient History at the History and Archaeology Department at the University of Barcelona (2009-to the present); Associate professor of Ancient History at the Department of Ancient History and Writing Culture in the University of Valencia (2001-2004).

In the field of the study of Greek amphora epigraphy I enjoyed a "Bourse pour finacer une recherche post-doctorale" (2007) from the École Française at Athens. I had stays at the Institut für Geschichtswissenschaften, Abteilung Alte Geschichte (Rheinische Friedrich- Wilhelms-Universität Bonn) (2005 and 2008) and at the Department of Classics of the Univeristy of Texas at Austin (2011). I did stay in 2010 at The American School of Classical Studies at Athens (ASCA) to study Latin and Brindisins stamps of the agora of Athens in the Virginia Grace archive.